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Mental health

  1. 2. It takes a lot of ___ to live with a mental illness.
  2. 3. This week’s event aims at raising it.
  3. 4. Being able to count on our colleagues to obtain some is often very beneficial.
  4. 8. Intentional act aimed at killing oneself in order to put an end to a suffering deemed unbearable.
  5. 10. Psychotic disorder which results in a marked disturbance of ideas and perceptions often provoking hallucinations and delusions.
  6. 14. It is important to recognize them and express them adequately.
  7. 16. Taking care of your mental health is a form of ___
  8. 17. Mood disorder characterized by alternating episodes of depression and mania.
  9. 18. People with mental illness often suffer from it.
  10. 19. Preconceived views about people with addiction and mental health problems.
  11. 20. Asking for it is not always easy, but oh so necessary!
  12. 21. A feeling often experienced by people with a mental health disorder.
  13. 23. illness 1 in 5 people will suffer from it in their lifetime.
  1. 1. A disorder characterized by a sad or irritable mood, or a general lack of interest or pleasure.
  2. 5. Physician specializing in mental illness who establishes diagnoses, treatments and prescribes medication as needed.
  3. 6. Unfortunately, mental illness still often is.
  4. 7. Finding the strength to continue despite difficulties.
  5. 9. This type of change is necessary to prevent people from suffering in silence.
  6. 11. A very common substance-related disorder in Canada
  7. 12. Often found to be very beneficial in combination with medication.
  8. 13. Sharing our story creates ____ for those who are suffering.
  9. 15. This type of support is crucial for those with mental health issues.
  10. 22. A disorder characterized by intense feelings of dread, fear or worry due to anticipated or perceived danger.