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Mental Health

  1. 2. The act of helping, defending, protecting. To be offered to your loved ones without keeping tabs.
  2. 4. We do it to express ourselves, to confide in others and to break taboos.
  3. 6. Fulfilling activities in which we should indulge during our free time, according to our personal interests.
  4. 10. Used in a beverage, this can act as a depressant.
  5. 11. Protects mental health when done in a justified, sincere and timely manner.
  6. 15. A sense of a person’s worth; it is a deeper value than mere politeness, because it is free of all hypocrisy.
  7. 16. An individual's ability to bounce back, to make a fresh start.
  8. 17. Asking for it promptly may prevent worsening of symptoms.
  9. 18. Talking about it can save lives.
  10. 19. Ensuring a healthy this contributes to good mental health.
  11. 20. There must be this between work and personal life.
  12. 22. A feeling of isolation that greatly affect mental health, especially during a pandemic.
  1. 1. Essential ingredient for good mental health. A lack of it causes several adverse health effects.
  2. 3. Feeling of complete fulfillment and joy.
  3. 5. Hearing, considering, paying attention to. The most beautiful gift to offer to someone who is suffering.
  4. 7. Doing this helps release endorphins, the hormones that make you happy.
  5. 8. A process in which a person learns to live harmoniously in society.
  6. 9. An exercise that suggests paying attention to the present moment voluntarily and without judgment.
  7. 12. A specialist who offers you the chance to talk about yourself and what affects you without judgment.
  8. 13. Experiencing it over a long period affects your health.
  9. 14. Listening to this can relax and energize you.
  10. 21. A state of mental disorder caused by a fear of real or imagined danger.