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Mental Health

  1. 1. - depression that many women experience when having to part with their child
  2. 4. when a child has antisocial behavior
  3. 6. fear of social situations
  4. 7. disorder- depression that is caused by lack of sunlight (usually in the winter)
  5. 10. a disorder that causes delusions, hallucinations and paranoia
  6. 12. disorder- a mental illness that severely impacts a person's ability to regulate their emotions
  7. 14. disorder- a disorder that causes a person to eat a lot in one sitting
  8. 15. characterized by inattentiveness and impulsivity
  9. 17. a milder, but long-lasting form of depression
  10. 19. episodes of extremely low moods that meet the criteria for major depression
  11. 20. a mental condition in which people have an inflated sense of their own importance
  1. 2. anxiety caused by being in a social environment
  2. 3. a disorder that cause people to not focus and to do things without thinking and unable to stay still
  3. 5. the existence within a person of 2 or more distinct personalities
  4. 8. fear of being in small spaces
  5. 9. - excessive worry and tension even if there is little or nothing to provoke the anxiety
  6. 11. a condition that’s triggered by a terrifying event
  7. 13. a severe depression plus some form of psychosis
  8. 16. - a sudden episode of intense fear that triggers sever physical reactions
  9. 18. a disorder characterized by unreasonable thoughts and fears that will lead to repetitive behaviors