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Mental Health

  1. 1. Should be avoided with TCAs
  2. 5. Therapeutic technique involves silence, reflection, and _______
  3. 7. for a person to be involuntary committed to a facility, they need to be deemed a threat to self or ____
  4. 8. the client is seeing the nurse as someone else who is significant in their life
  5. 11. A patient taking antipsychotics might need this medication for extrapyramidal side effects
  6. 12. Key concept in building trust with your clients
  7. 13. flight of ideas is something experienced with this disorder
  8. 14. May be one of the signs of tardive dyskinesia
  9. 16. part of the nursing process in the beginning of an admission that is information gathering
  10. 18. Physicians first choice due to decreased side effects and increased compliance
  11. 19. false fixed ideas
  12. 23. the absence of physical and mental movement
  13. 24. abbrev.; rare life threatening reaction with high fever, increased pulse, muscle rigidity, stupor and incontinence.
  14. 25. you should report to them any child or elder abuse
  15. 26. you patient might be restless and constantly tapping a foot and may be irritable
  16. 29. your client leaves the unit when nobody is watching
  17. 32. tardive dyskinesia can become _____ permanent if not caught early
  18. 34. a person my be attracted to someone else outside of their marriage but instead of admitting it, they accuse their spouse of infidelity
  19. 37. main issue with this drug is GI disturbance
  20. 38. defense mechanism is a ___device the reduces anxiety
  21. 39. side effects including dystonia and akathisia
  22. 40. passing medication might be an example of this phase in the nursing process
  23. 41. a term used to describe someones outward expression of emotion
  1. 2. example would be getting defensive and angry with a client for no reason if they remind the nurse of s friend who also makes them angry and defensive
  2. 3. technique that involves advising, confronting, and reassuring
  3. 4. lack of pleasure or joy
  4. 6. _____ antidepressants my take 2-3 weeks before you see effects
  5. 9. stress the importance of fluids and sodium in diet with this medication
  6. 10. expressions of ideas that do not logically connect
  7. 15. severe spasm of tongue, neck, and face
  8. 17. Someone taking an MAOI should avoid this food
  9. 20. setting these is important with people suffering from borderline personality disorder
  10. 21. allows for meaningful reflection
  11. 22. is your intervention working phase of nursing process
  12. 27. Therapy to gain trust with children
  13. 28. we must check on someone every 15 minutes if they have these
  14. 30. _____symptoms of schizophrenia that should not be there
  15. 31. includes trying to envision what it must be like to be in their position
  16. 33. primary nursing intervention is to protect a depressed person from committing (2 words)
  17. 35. _____ cues can have more impact on the message than the words themselves
  18. 36. apathy, social withdrawal, flat affect are ____symptoms of schizophrenia