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Mental Health

  1. 2. Intense, prolonged feelings of sadness
  2. 4. A type of communication that uses actions rather than words
  3. 5. The step of thinking of and listing possible choices
  4. 6. The mental process of making a choice
  5. 8. A type of message you can use to talk about yourself, your feelings and your needs
  6. 10. Negative stress
  7. 12. Before acting on a decision, you should make sure it meets this acronym
  8. 15. A type of message that blames or shames someone else
  9. 17. The process of weighing the pros and cons of a possible choice
  10. 19. To negotiate with someone or something
  11. 21. Optimal level of health
  12. 23. The body's response to life events
  13. 25. When the body shuts down in response to stress
  14. 27. Area of health that deals with the condition of a person’s body
  1. 1. A type of decision that keeps a person healthy and safe
  2. 3. Delaying or postponing doing something
  3. 7. Type of guilt one may feel if they believe they should have died in another’s place.
  4. 9. Positive stress
  5. 11. Withdrawal from friends and family, previous attempts and planning or threatening are warning signs of __________
  6. 13. Area of health that deals with the way a person interacts with other people
  7. 14. Physical health, mental/emotional health, and social health make up this shape
  8. 16. Area of health that deals with the condition of a person’s mind and feelings
  9. 18. Something that causes stress
  10. 20. Natural emotional response to loss or change
  11. 22. The state of a person’s body, mind, and feelings, and how they get along with others
  12. 24. Refusing to believe a loss occurred
  13. 26. Type of behavior or situation that can harm people’s health