Mental Health Review

  1. 3. Irrational fears that prevent a person from living a normal life
  2. 4. Legal and illegal _____ can affect a person's mental health
  3. 5. Relationships between people who are not related, but share interests and values
  4. 9. The _____ of your food has a large effect on your overall mental and physical health
  5. 10. People who are too assertive
  6. 12. People become more involved with their own relationships and mental health as they become _______
  7. 16. Relationships between people who are related
  8. 18. forceful and confident behaviour
  9. 19. The umbrella of a person's feelings towards possible romantic partners, their orientation, and gender
  10. 20. Mental health issues that are treated by medical experts are called _____ mental disorders
  11. 21. Fear or dislike of homosexual or other sexual orientations
  12. 23. The first major relationship people have as children is with their ______
  13. 24. Prejudice against women based on the belief they are not equal to men
  14. 25. People with mental health issues often face ____ in the community, due to lack of knowledge of what their issues entail
  1. 1. people who show an appropriate level of assertiveness
  2. 2. This form of bullying has increased over the past 10 years, due to mobile phones being used by younger people
  3. 6. Relationships between people at their work, or at school
  4. 7. Sexual relationships must contain ____ from both people before they begin
  5. 8. Fear of people based on their heritage, skin colour or culture
  6. 11. The most common mood disorder, characterised by intense sadness over a long period of time
  7. 13. People who receive less than six hours of _____ are at a higher risk of having a mental health issue
  8. 14. Relationships that are intimate (usually a boy/girlfriend, husband or wife, etc.)
  9. 15. People can always find _____ about mental health and relationships from family and school
  10. 17. _____ can have mental health issue during their life
  11. 21. Relationships all need ______ and openness in order to build trust and foster communication
  12. 22. People who are not assertive enough