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Mental Health

  1. 3. Persistent, irrational, exaggerated and invariably pathological dread of some specific type of stimulus or situation
  2. 6. Fixed false belief
  3. 7. anxiety about being in a situation or place from which escape may be difficult
  4. 8. Misinterpretation and misperception of externally real stimuli
  5. 10. A subjective sense of being unreal, strange or unfamiliar to oneself
  6. 12. Ability of the individual to understand the true cause and meaning of a situation
  7. 13. The experience of sensing, interpreting and comprehending the world
  8. 15. Inability to have gaol directed associations of thought
  9. 16. a range of illnesses, in which there are disturbances of mood into both depression and elation
  10. 17. Loss of motivation or drive
  11. 18. extreme mood elevation or irritability
  1. 1. A behaviour that, if resisted produces anxiety
  2. 2. A defence coping mechanism that protects the self from a threatening awareness of uncomfortable feelings by denying their existence in awareness
  3. 4. False sensory perception not associated with real external stimuli, which can involve all senses
  4. 5. Pathological persistence or an irresistible thought or feeling that cannot be eliminated from consciousness by logical effort
  5. 9. Indirect speech that is delayed in reaching the point but eventually gets from original point to the desired goal
  6. 10. Temporary clouding of consciousness. Bewildered, restless, confused, disorientated reaction to an organic illness
  7. 11. the loss of contact with reality, delusions & hallucinations
  8. 13. The symptoms and signs that proceed the start of an illness
  9. 14. Unstable; characterised by rapid change. It is often used with reference to emotions