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Metrolink Crossword

  1. 1. The line that helps you skip traffic on the 91 extends as far east as _____ Valley
  2. 6. This website feature helps you locate your train with its interactive map view
  3. 9. you can find two dispensers filled with this liquid in every train car
  4. 10. Contactless ticket purchases are available when you download our ______ ______
  5. 11. this team uses hospital-grade products to sanitize and disinfect your trains and they also wipe down frequently-touched surfaces
  6. 13. "_____ _____ Is My Train?" is our website tool that allows you to check the recent history of your train's ridership levels to help you make social distancing decisions
  7. 14. Residents of Oxnard would most likely take this line
  8. 15. Metrolink's rewards program, allowing riders to earn points as they travel while providing discounts to many local small businesses
  1. 2. Take this line if you want to travel to Ontario
  2. 3. The line you'd take if you attended classes at Cal State LA
  3. 4. The only line that travels through Anaheim - ARTIC station
  4. 5. The line that travels the furthest north
  5. 7. This person on your train has a mask for you in case you forget yours
  6. 8. Initials for the only line that doesn't travel to Los Angeles
  7. 12. Metrolink was the first passenger rail system in the country to implement this life-saving safety technology