Miami Railway Station Museum

  1. 2. the museum has this attached to the outside of the building, it looks like a deck
  2. 4. was used at night to signal go, slow or stop to trains
  3. 5. he was the person who was in charge of the station
  4. 6. you need one of these to board the train
  5. 7. it's hammered into place and helps hold the track down
  6. 8. this area is where luggage and freight were stored
  7. 11. it was used to type notes before computers
  1. 1. it was used to hold water for steam engines
  2. 3. it usually brings up the rear of the train
  3. 6. you can signal SOS with dots and dashes with this item
  4. 9. the paint color of the museum
  5. 10. it's the railway company name that built our caboose in 1914
  6. 12. is the track that trains travel on