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Microsoft Office 2016

  1. 9. presents the status of a document
  2. 12. performs a specific action
  3. 13. can be used if preferred to use keyboard rather than the mouse
  4. 15. enables you to sign-in to your computer in to you user account and makes the computer available for use
  5. 16. a cloud service for computer users
  6. 17. the control center of all Office apps
  7. 18. to press one or more keyboard keys to perform tasks using the keyboard
  8. 19. a private combination of characters that allows the user's account access
  9. 21. an open window that is hidden from view but can be displayed by clicking on it
  10. 22. a horizontal/ vertical bar that appears when all contents of an area is not visible
  11. 24. shows the locations you access frequently
  12. 28. to enlarge the window so that it fills the entire screen
  13. 29. the newest version of Microsoft office that helps your productivity
  14. 30. a named location on storage mediums that usually contains related documents
  15. 31. a unit of storage
  16. 33. a set of programs that coordinate all the activities among the computer or mobile device software
  17. 34. displayed when you perform specific tasks or work with objects such as tables or picturs
  18. 35. a collection of individual apps available together as a unit
  19. 36. identifies to Windows the resources a user can access when working with a computer
  20. 37. to find a location
  21. 40. provides quick navigation options
  1. 1. allows you to access apps, files, folders, and settings
  2. 2. a motion you make on a touch screen using one or more fingers
  3. 3. displays the time and date when you turn of the device
  4. 4. location of all deleted files
  5. 5. allows you to access programs, folders, and files on your device
  6. 6. displays the locations you have visited
  7. 7. contained in the scroll bar hat allows you to see areas that are not currently visible on the screen
  8. 8. a combination of letters or numbers that identifies a specific user to Windows
  9. 10. where a portion of the document is shown
  10. 11. a full-featured word processing app
  11. 14. contains related commands
  12. 20. for finding,viewing and managing information on computers
  13. 23. a set of choices arranged in a grid or list
  14. 25. the number of pixels used to display a picture
  15. 26. refreshes the contents of the folder list
  16. 27. a picture associated with a user name
  17. 32. shows the document on a mock piece of paper in document window
  18. 38. short for application
  19. 39. contians a collection of groups