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  1. 2. another mob that spawns at night and burns in daylight, has a bow
  2. 4. only found in iorn and gold form, can be crafted into ingots
  3. 9. things that restores you hunger
  4. 10. what you get when you breed a donkey and a horse
  5. 13. an ore found in the nether, extremly rare
  6. 15. an item that allows you to ride horses
  7. 16. a item that allows you to block attacks
  8. 19. wings that allow you to fly
  9. 20. a rare ore that creates weak tools
  10. 22. the world you spawn in
  11. 23. a boss mob that must be crafted
  12. 25. a common material that is very important for game progression
  1. 1. a world of fir and lava, entered through portal of obsidion
  2. 3. an item that can make meals and spawn chickens
  3. 5. the second level of tools after wood, better
  4. 6. different areas of land with different materials and attributes
  5. 7. the rarest ore
  6. 8. a common enemy that only comes out at night and burns in day
  7. 11. a rare ore that creates the second most poweful tools and is vital to crafting netherite tools
  8. 12. found at the bottom of the world and is indestructable
  9. 14. the final boss
  10. 17. a world of islands, entered by a portal
  11. 18. an accidental mob created when trying to make a pig
  12. 21. what comes after bedrock, you die if you fall into it
  13. 22. the strongest breakable block in the game
  14. 24. an extremly useful ore that is the most common after coal in the overworld