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  1. 4. the main creator of this game
  2. 5. This games name Hint : Look at the title of this crossword
  3. 8. What type of game is this?
  4. 9. Sometimes spawns when a enderman teleports or when you use a ender pearl
  5. 11. How many copies have been sold as of May 2019
  6. 15. What type of video game is this?
  7. 17. Is this game free?
  8. 18. The strongest material in the game
  9. 19. Any piece of land you find Etc. Forest, Jungle, Desert
  1. 1. Is sometimes considered to be a duck if in a body of water
  2. 2. The company who owns this game
  3. 3. A famous YouTuber who built his channel from playing Minecraft
  4. 6. After taming this you get a dog that will fight mobs for you
  5. 7. Cannot be acquired or broke in survival mode
  6. 8. An A.I character that hangs about a village
  7. 10. Any living thing in this game
  8. 12. How many days did it take to make this game?
  9. 13. The mortal enemy of zombies who go near a village
  10. 14. Used to be the strongest ore in the game
  11. 16. The traditional character of this game