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Monk Movie

  1. 6. Title of Movie
  2. 8. Name of the rebel leader who was killed
  3. 9. Name of the monastery
  4. 11. Religious order that monks branch from
  5. 15. Night that the rebels break into the monastery
  6. 16. Name of the monk who visits
  7. 17. Country where the film's foreign workers are from
  8. 19. The Gospel event that the dinner scene at the end evokes
  9. 21. Name of one of the monks who survived
  10. 22. Name of the monk who leads the monastery
  11. 24. Who the rebels initially demand to see
  12. 25. What one should be a martyr for according to Fr. Christian
  1. 1. Country where the monks are originally from
  2. 2. Title for the head of a monastery
  3. 3. One of the classical religious vows
  4. 4. What the monks make and sell to support themselves
  5. 5. Religious order the monks belong to
  6. 7. Vow that the movie is organized around
  7. 8. Marital vow similar to the religious vow of stability
  8. 10. Country where the movie takes place
  9. 12. To allow the filial reality of Jesus to embody itself in our humanity is the nature of this theological mystery
  10. 13. One of the classical religious vows
  11. 14. What Jesus Christ beckons us to according to Fr. Christian
  12. 18. Name of the monk who runs the medical clinic
  13. 20. Title of movie is taken from this biblical book
  14. 23. One of the classical religious vows