1. 2. The music or audio elements that accompany a movie, enhancing the emotions and atmosphere of the scenes.
  2. 5. The clothing and accessories worn by actors in a movie to portray their characters, reflecting the time period, setting, or personality of the role.
  3. 6. A specific part of a movie that takes place in a particular location or setting, often representing a significant moment or event in the story.
  4. 7. A female actor who portrays a character in a movie, showcasing their talent and skill in bringing the character to life.
  5. 9. Effects Visual or audio effects created using technology to enhance or manipulate certain aspects of a movie, such as explosions, CGI, or fantastical creatures.
  6. 10. The person responsible for overseeing the artistic and creative aspects of a movie, guiding the actors and crew to bring the story to the screen.
  1. 1. The first public showing or screening of a movie, often attended by the cast, crew, and invited guests, creating excitement and anticipation.
  2. 2. The written text that contains the dialogue, actions, and directions for the actors in a movie, serving as a blueprint for the story.
  3. 3. The spoken lines and conversations between characters in a movie, conveying their thoughts, emotions, and interactions.
  4. 4. The art of capturing and recording the visual elements of a movie, including the camera work, lighting, and composition of each shot.
  5. 7. A person who performs a character in a movie, bringing them to life through their acting skills and expressions.
  6. 8. The main storyline or sequence of events in a movie, outlining the development and resolution of the story.