1. 3. A movie genre involving thrilling and intense scenes.
  2. 7. The conversation and spoken words between characters.
  3. 8. A movie genre with imaginative and magical elements.
  4. 10. A part of a movie taking place in a specific location.
  5. 11. Visual or sound effects used to enhance a movie's impact.
  6. 14. The process of creating moving images through drawings or computer graphics.
  7. 15. A movie genre featuring exciting and thrilling journeys.
  1. 1. A female actor who performs in a movie.
  2. 2. The surface on which a movie is projected for viewing.
  3. 4. A motion picture or film shown in a theater or on TV.
  4. 5. The person who oversees and guides the making of a movie.
  5. 6. A movie genre intended to be humorous and amusing.
  6. 9. A place where movies are shown to an audience.
  7. 12. The sequence of events that make up the story in a movie.
  8. 13. A person who performs in a movie, portraying a character.