1. 3. A performance index that counts the processed I/Os per second.
  2. 4. Which establishes VPN tunnels between Spokes with dynamically variable public addresses in the Hub-Spoke model.
  3. 9. If protected objects in the production center are unavailable due to disasters or faults, these protected objects can be quickly restored in the DR center by performing fault recovery.
  4. 10. Serial Attached Small Computer System Interface
  5. 12. two storage systems to process services simultaneously, establishing a mutual backup relationship.
  6. 13. A protocol that defines how communication is implemented between an access point (AP) and an access controller (AC) and provides a universal encapsulation and transmission mechanism for the interoperation between the AP and the AC.
  7. 14. An extensible markup language (XML) based network configuration and management protocol.
  8. 15. Huawei-proprietary technology used to collect statistics about network traffic and export the statistics.
  1. 1. one kind of CPU architecture design, mainly used by Intel
  2. 2. A technology that adds another layer of IEEE 802.1Q tag to the 802.1Q tagged packets entering the network.
  3. 5. an intelligent data cache feature developed by Huawei
  4. 6. Which are transmitted between two devices, and the device can judge the validity status of the peer device.
  5. 7. The most commonly used QoS model on IP networks.
  6. 8. A technology that allows a STA to move from an AP to another AP in the same ESS on a WLAN network with nonstop service transmission.
  7. 11. A link layer protocol that transmits PPP datagrams through PPP sessions established over point-to-point connections on Ethernet networks.