1. 2. a silent death took away my soul a high dream now gone by falling down in land
  2. 4. I’m standing before her going crazy looking at her eye.I fell in love spontaneously I’m following her I’m dying for her
  3. 6. You’re.. You’re ..the soundthat taps my chest.I broke beautifully,You’re the meaning.
  4. 8. you' means me only.'me' means us are one half of the door, I am the other half of the door.
  5. 11. Adding my name with your name,By holding holding our soul in hands,What if we walk together in front of the world.
  6. 12. I don't have time to express my love you don't need to express your love. No words to describe our love. Truth can’t be hidden for long.
  1. 1. Why did she become so close to me?Wonder what she was searching for,to leave me alone.Even if I fall down, to be broken into pieces memories are all I need, to rise up and stand again.
  2. 3. Don’t walk away. I’ll be here if you are here.don’t walk away. I’ll die in your separation.Days spent with you are vanishing like dreams.
  3. 5. yesterday I saw you with a different eye. Today you became a memory forever. The distance that I covered with you, is there in my mind.
  4. 7. Seeing those eyes Won’t love come by itself? Going next to him won't The mind change by itself?
  5. 9. Go today, like “you”. come tomorrow, like “we”. without seeing you without talking with you, without joning you everything is dancing like anything.
  6. 10. hey ex lover my ex lover i’ll live even without your love.