1. 4. "big tooth"
  2. 7. when an unexpected enemy emerges that threatens the fate of mankind in New York a man finds himself in need of a team to pull the world back from disaster
  3. 8. a child prodigy gets caught in custody battle between the kindhearted uncle who raised her and the grandmother who wants to cultivate her genius
  4. 10. while searching for her missing mother.the girl uses her skills to outsmart her big brother and help save a runaway lord
  5. 13. a group of highschool students get sucked into a video game setting where they embark on a quest as their comically mismatched adult avatars
  6. 14. when a set of siblings discover a magical world by entering through a wardrobe
  7. 15. convicted hacker be released from prison to help FBI to find the cyber-criminals that hacked the Mercantile Trade Exchange in Chicago
  1. 1. a bunch of teenagers get put into a test by an evil organization in search of a cure for a virus
  2. 2. when a girl meets a mysterious classmates who reveals himself to be a monster
  3. 3. when an earthquake hits a village housing a run-down nuclear power plant
  4. 5. two men awake to find they have somehow switched bodies
  5. 6. a unknown species arrives in london on a cargo ship and eventually reached to a station where he has been adopted by a family.
  6. 9. a group of terrorists attempt to hijack a transatlantic
  7. 11. when a girl is found dead after playing with a board, her bestfriend decided to communicate with her.
  8. 12. when the kingdom's most wanted bandit is taken hostage by a feisty teenage girl..the unlikely duo sets off on an adventure that uncovers a shocking truth