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Movie Crossword!

  1. 3. Ridley Scott used this bands blue laser lighting to light the Alien egg chamber because they were in the next studio.
  2. 4. This movie was almost titled "Hunter"
  3. 7. Character in The Lion King that was the first character to fart in a Disney movie.
  4. 10. Walt Disney refused to allow this Director to film at Disneyland in the early 1960s because he had made “that disgusting movie."
  5. 14. The carpet in this movie and the second floor of Sid’s house in Toy Story are almost identical.
  6. 15. Whenever this character lies, you'll notice the feather on his turban falls in his face.
  7. 17. The phrase “old sport” is said 55 times during this movie.
  8. 20. this actor was cast in Se7en just two days before filming began.
  9. 21. after this movie was shown in cinemas, recruitment into the Navy by young men went up by 500 percent.
  10. 22. The mask from this movie is a Captain Kirk mask which was altered for the film.
  11. 24. This movie's soundtrack went sextuple platinum, and the movie grossed over $230 million.
  1. 1. This director has never had a movie rated as “rotten” on Rotten Tomatoes and his lowest rated movie is 76 percent.
  2. 2. This is the only Disney princess with a tattoo.
  3. 5. This is the only title character that never speaks in a Disney film.
  4. 6. The charcoal drawing of Kate Winslet in James Cameron’s, Titanic was actually drawn by this man.
  5. 8. This actor was contractually forbidden from wearing a full tuxedo in any non-James Bond movie from 1995-2002.
  6. 9. Which was the first Pixar movie to receive a higher rating than G?
  7. 11. This actor stayed awake for 48 hours to achieve a suitably wasted look for his cameo as a drugged-up felon in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.
  8. 12. What city must a movie play in to be eligible for an Oscar?
  9. 13. this character only has 12 minutes of screen time in the original Star Wars.
  10. 16. This 1932 film was one of the first films to feature the Thompson submachine gun, known historically as the “tommy gun.”
  11. 18. Which candy did the boy in E.T. use to lure the extraterrestrial?
  12. 19. Hasbro denied Pixar the use of GI Joe in this movie when found that the GI Joe doll was going to be blown up.
  13. 23. About 25% of this film was shot from water level so audiences could better relate to treading water.
  14. 25. this movie was the first American film to show a toilet flushing.