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Movie Crossword

  1. 2. A place found in a theater on which actors perform
  2. 4. A word used to describe people in movies
  3. 7. A place where movies are made
  4. 8. A word used to tell people to start a scene
  5. 9. A person who tells people how to act their roles
  6. 10. All the songs in from movie put onto a CD
  7. 12. Something that shows how much money a movie made after its release
  8. 14. A booklet that has a actors lines on it
  9. 15. Something used in movies during dangerous scenes
  10. 16. A device used to capture and record films
  11. 18. All the people who act in one movie
  1. 1. When someone known makes an appearance in a film
  2. 3. A food often eaten when watching movies
  3. 5. A place where new movies are projected on a big screen
  4. 6. A genre of entertainment meant to make people laugh
  5. 11. Words at the end of a film that state actors names and roles
  6. 13. Someone who creates a film and its story
  7. 17. A man who plays roles in movies or theater
  8. 18. A word used by the director to end a scene