Movie Genres

  1. 2. A protagonist who is skilled in combat and often saves the day.
  2. 7. A genre that combines singing, dancing, and humor.
  3. 9. A genre that is targeted towards a teenage audience.
  4. 10. A genre that creates suspense and excitement for the audience.
  5. 11. A genre that features singing and dancing as a central element.
  6. 13. A genre that depicts events from the past.
  7. 14. A genre that combines espionage and action.
  8. 15. A genre that is suitable for all ages and focuses on family dynamics.
  9. 19. A genre that depicts catastrophic events and their aftermath.
  10. 20. A genre that involves espionage and intrigue.
  11. 22. A genre that depicts military conflict and its effects.
  12. 24. A genre that features grand and sweeping themes and settings.
  13. 25. A genre that explores serious and often emotional themes.
  14. 26. A genre that presents factual information about a subject.
  15. 29. A genre that combines romance and comedy.
  16. 30. A genre that explores political themes and issues.
  17. 32. A genre that focuses on criminal activity and its consequences.
  18. 34. A genre that aims to scare and frighten the audience.
  19. 35. A genre that typically features a dark and cynical worldview.
  20. 36. A genre that involves a journey or trip as a central element.
  1. 1. A genre that explores the human mind and behavior.
  2. 3. A genre that typically takes place in the American Old West.
  3. 4. A genre that features combat techniques from various disciplines.
  4. 5. A genre that involves a robbery or theft as a central element.
  5. 6. A genre that involves solving a puzzle or crime.
  6. 8. A genre that features animated characters and settings.
  7. 12. A genre that features paranormal or supernatural elements.
  8. 16. A genre that uses humor to criticize and comment on society.
  9. 17. A genre that features characters with extraordinary abilities.
  10. 18. A genre that tells the story of a real life person or group.
  11. 21. A genre that focuses on love and relationships.
  12. 23. A genre that focuses on athletic competition and its impact.
  13. 27. A genre that involves a serial killer or psychopath as a central element.
  14. 28. A genre that combines romance and drama.
  15. 31. A genre that explores scientific and technological advancements.
  16. 33. A genre that features magical or supernatural elements.