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Movie Mania

  1. 2. 1979 horror movie about an extra-terrestrial creature that sneaks onto a space ship and starts murdering the crew.
  2. 3. 1997 romance film about a sinking ship and two lovers that will never let go
  3. 5. 2009 sci-fi adventure film about a tribe of blue ninjas, the Na'vi, on a distant moon called Pandora. A human disguised as one of the tribe spies for the army, but fights to protect the moon
  4. 6. series lasting from 1977 to now that takes you through an epic journey through the galaxies
  1. 1. 1985 sci-fi adventure about a troublesome teenager that goes back in time and meets a young version of every adult he knows. he has to get back with the help of his mad scientist friend
  2. 4. 1975 thriller about an oversized shark that's eating people, and one crew putting their life on the line to stop it