Movie or Movie Characters

  1. 2. a orger that lives in a swamp
  2. 4. a pirate who tryes and capture a boy who can fly
  3. 9. a boy who got bite by a spider and became one
  4. 11. a plant that wants to save everyone
  5. 12. a girl who went to fight other districts and wins to go back to see her sister
  6. 13. a tall man that is a super villain and wants to go to the moon when he was younger
  7. 15. a bountey hunter that is a millionaire
  8. 16. a young boy who figures out he is a wizard and is rich and famous
  9. 18. a man wearing black clothing with a red beam of light
  10. 19. a multi-billionaire that can put on a suit with a button on his chest
  11. 20. a brother who trys to kill his brother but his brother lives
  1. 1. a young boy who wants to steal the moon from gru
  2. 3. a 10 foot tall person saving a planet
  3. 5. a man who smiles and laughs and trys to cause trouble
  4. 6. a man who has a shield as a superpower
  5. 7. A toy space ranger that landed on earth
  6. 8. a sheriff toy that comes to life
  7. 10. a guy who is an explorer and does dangerous things
  8. 14. a guy who has super strength and is a superhero
  9. 17. a green man that steals Christmas