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  1. 1. The replacement of a voice part in a film soundtrack in another language
  2. 4. All the actors who play in the film
  3. 10. An adjective meaning very interesting and exciting
  4. 11. A single list of the cast and crew that scrolls from bottom to the top usually at the end of a move
  5. 12. A movie clip to advertise a new film
  6. 13. An animated film or TV show
  7. 16. Three films based on the same idea
  8. 19. Another film that continues from the original film
  9. 20. Someone who is in charge of making and usually providing money for a film
  10. 24. An adjective meaning very confusing, exciting or shocking
  11. 26. A person whose body is shown instead of the main actor's body
  12. 27. A place where the movie is filmed
  13. 28. Something given to someone for being excellent or doing something that is admired
  14. 30. A successful movie
  1. 2. A movie about someone's life story and usually about very famous people
  2. 3. A person who acts in a movie
  3. 5. Music from a film
  4. 6. The clothes worn by actors
  5. 7. The script for a movie
  6. 8. A style or category
  7. 9. First public showing of a new movie
  8. 14. A famous movie starring Leonardo Dicaprio and Kate Winslet
  9. 15. A movie that is meant to make people laugh
  10. 17. A series of events that form a story in a movie
  11. 18. A person who directs a movie
  12. 21. A report that gives someone's opinion about the quality of a film.
  13. 22. translated text on a film
  14. 23. An unsuccessful movie
  15. 25. A small statue given to the best actor, actress, movie etc of the year in the American movie industry
  16. 29. a new version of an old film