Movie Techniques

  1. 3. Low-intensity light is romantic or can be sombre in feel.
  2. 6. Moves from left to right to show the scene.
  3. 7. Focuses on a single facial feature, such as lips and eyes.
  4. 9. The music used in the film.
  5. 11. A _____ shot shows the torso and face of a person and some scenery.
  6. 13. The camera is strapped to a ‘Flying Fox’ device and used to convey rapid movement.
  7. 15. Shows us what the character is looking at.
  8. 16. shot The camera is held in an unsteady fashion.
  9. 19. A ____ shot shows the scenery or background.
  10. 20. The text that is spoken during the film is called____.
  1. 1. The person who tells the crew what to do is called the ___
  2. 2. The clothing that the characters wear during the film.
  3. 4. Looking down on a character, often to show vulnerability.
  4. 5. How a scene cuts from one shot to another.
  5. 8. Looking at an eye-level angle to a character or object.
  6. 10. High-intensity or bright lighting is stark and very revealing.
  7. 12. The light is behind the subject.
  8. 14. Looking up at a character or object, often to instil fear.
  9. 15. An angle usually shown from above to view the whole scenery.
  10. 17. Focuses on the entire face. May be used to show tension.
  11. 18. A motion used to create suspense in the film.