Movie Toast

  1. 2. A recipient of the Irving G. Thalberg Memorial Award, this guy directed a movie in the 50s, which today is touted as a world cinema classic and the title of which refers to a passage about apocalypse in the book of revelation. Name the guy.
  2. 3. Which 70s movie had the diner scene in which a customer famously complained about menu substitutions.
  3. 5. Who plays the “nine-toed woman” in the movie The Big Lebowski.
  4. 6. Shahid Kapoor+Farhan Akhtar
  5. 8. of the Spotless Mind His middle name is Eugene and hers Elizabeth, together they were in a movie which came out in 2004 and now is a cult classic. Guess the movie.
  6. 10. What is Andre Allen recovering from in the movie Top 5?
  7. 11. Some Like It Hot + The Apartment + The Front Page
  8. 15. One of New Zealand’s highest grossing movie of all time, starring a BAFTA award winning lead who also happens to be a very famous alum of the Royal Academy Dramatic Art. Guess the movie.
  9. 17. David Prowse + James Earl Jones + Bob Anderson + Sebastian Shaw + Jake Llyod + Hayden Christensen
  10. 19. Which actor from the Spider man franchise was originally considered for the role of the caped crusader in Tim Burton’s Batman.
  11. 20. First actor or actress to win four academy awards.
  12. 22. Dwarf wearing green cap
  13. 23. The real life daughter of the detective from the movie Maltese falcon won her first Oscar for the movie?
  14. 24. The fictitious flower in V for Vendetta
  15. 25. The Bounty Hunter Boba Fett captures Han Solo in “The empire Strikes Back” on behalf of which other bad guy?
  16. 27. The bad news is that______ won’t be $25 million star. The good news is that he will work for the rest of his life.
  17. 28. A 3 year coast to coast marathon
  1. 1. The protagonist in the remake of “Dial M for Murder” won his first Emmy for?
  2. 4. Earn it…..
  3. 7. (Movie)One garbage piece bit by bit for eternity…
  4. 9. Movie in which six time eras connected together
  5. 11. The “ornery anachronism” of Hollywood starred in one of AFIs 100 greatest American film of all time and the movie went to become the 2nd highest grossing movie of its time. Guess the movie.
  6. 12. Waqt ne kiya kya haseen sitam
  7. 13. Name the first movie to be released in multichannel stereo sound?
  8. 14. Bollywood Actor/Actress doing Stroh’s beer product promotion
  9. 16. What does the cool breeze over the mountain and Hugo Weaving have in common?
  10. 18. Who was offered the role of batman in the 80s, only to pass so that he could make comedy for which he would go on win the best supporting at the academy awards.
  11. 21. Al Pacino – (Actor Name) = Academy Award for Best Actor [Name the Actor]
  12. 26. What was Nostromo really meant for in the movie ‘Alien’ other than getting mixed up with ravenous alien life forms.