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Movie Vocabulary

  1. 3. This is a female who acts in a movie or play.
  2. 6. This document has all of the words that people need to say in the movie.
  3. 8. This is a person who writes their opinion about movies and rates them.
  4. 11. This movie genre uses science to make believable worlds with aliens or space travel.
  5. 13. This is written music made for a specific movie.
  6. 14. This kind of movie usually has a lot of strong, serious emotions and a deep story.
  7. 17. This kind of movie is mostly about a love relationship.
  8. 20. This is a famous American place that is known for making movies.
  9. 22. This kind of movie has people who often start dancing and singing to tell the story.
  10. 23. This movie genre usually has a detective trying to solve a very difficult crime.
  11. 25. This kind of movie teaches about history, nature, or other educational things.
  12. 26. This person invests money in making a movie and chooses people to make it.
  13. 28. This is another way to say “part 2” in a series.
  14. 30. This movie genre usually has police trying to catch criminals.
  15. 31. This is all of the music that is used in a movie.
  16. 33. This is a male who acts in a movie or play.
  17. 35. This is the place where a movie is filmed.
  18. 36. This is an article written by someone who judges or rates movies.
  1. 1. This movie genre often has magic, mythical creatures, or an ancient setting.
  2. 2. This person’s job is to put all the parts of a movie together after it is filmed.
  3. 4. This is the most common word for a place you can go to see a movie.
  4. 5. These tricks allow impossible or very dangerous things to happen in a movie.
  5. 7. This is a less common word for a place you can go to see a movie.
  6. 9. This movie genre usually has scary things like ghosts, monsters, or killers.
  7. 10. This is another word for a movie.
  8. 12. This movie genre has a funny story and makes people laugh.
  9. 13. This is a moment of continuous action in a movie. A movie is made of many of them.
  10. 15. This is the event when a movie shows for the first time ever.
  11. 16. This is a fictional person in a story or movie.
  12. 18. This kind of movie may have a lot of fighting or dangerous events.
  13. 19. This is a movie that is very popular around the world and makes a lot of money.
  14. 21. This person decides the style of the movie and organizes the production.
  15. 24. This kind of suspenseful movie can make you feel nervous, scared and surprised a lot.
  16. 27. This is where movie tickets are usually sold if you don’t buy them online.
  17. 29. This kind of movie is made from drawings or computer art.
  18. 30. This is the group of all the people who act in a movie.
  19. 32. This kind of movie has an interesting or exciting journey to a new place.
  20. 34. This is a word for all of the main events in a story.