1. 2. a genre of film which is a variety of the detective fiction
  2. 4. the surface upon which a film is usually shown
  3. 9. a famous New York Avenue at the heart of the American theater industry
  4. 10. a written evaluation of a film
  5. 11. all the actors involved in a film and whose names can usually be seen in the credits
  6. 12. the name given to the first films which were not silent
  7. 14. an actor who performs a role in a film below that of the lead actor but who is essential to the story
  8. 17. the actor who plays the part of the main character in a film
  9. 18. a film that is highly popular and financially successful
  10. 19. an advertisement made to illustrate a film and give basic information about its genre, its title and the actors
  11. 20. the name of the American award given to the best actor, actress, director, …
  1. 1. a place where you need to buy a ticket in order to watch films
  2. 3. a group of people viewing a show, a film or a play
  3. 5. the Master of Suspense
  4. 6. the summary of story of a piece of fiction
  5. 7. a neighborhood of Los Angeles home of the US film industry
  6. 8. a synonym for “to hit the screen”
  7. 13. a written work where the movement, actions, expression, and dialogues of the characters are narrated
  8. 15. extracts from a film made to arouse the audience's interest
  9. 16. a person who directs the making of a film