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  1. 3. Author of Frenchman's Creek and Rebecca starring Fontaine
  2. 4. Joseph Cotton and de Havilland star with her in The Snake Pit
  3. 6. Stars opposite de Havilland in My Cousin Rachel
  4. 7. Stars with Gable in a Civil War classic
  5. 11. Olivia de Havilland with this matinee idol in Robin Hood
  6. 12. Cotten and Fontaine in this month
  7. 13. Fontaine and Cary Grant star in this suspenseful movie
  8. 14. Walter Scott novel stars Fontaine
  1. 1. Hope and Fontaine star in this movie about an Italian lover
  2. 2. Errol Flynn and de Havilland act in this pirate romance
  3. 5. Fontaine stars with him in Jane Eyre
  4. 8. Wrote poem inspiring film with Flynn and de Havilland
  5. 9. Hitchcock thriller with Fontaine and Olivier
  6. 10. Fontaine and Mario Lanza star in this musically titled movie