1. 3. a part added to a book or film that continues and extends it
  2. 5. a small part of a film
  3. 7. something written by hand
  4. 8. a movie with many exciting and violent scenes
  5. 10. a movie that frightens and shocks people
  6. 11. like a chapter in a book, but for a television series
  7. 12. all the actors and actresses in a movie or TV show
  8. 13. a film that's about real people, events or issues
  9. 14. someone who finances and supervises the making of a show
  10. 16. the person in charge of making a movie
  11. 17. one of the people in a story
  1. 1. another word for "movie" (also "motion picture")
  2. 2. a movie about realistic characters in dramatic situations
  3. 3. the flat surface that a movie is projected onto
  4. 4. enjoyment from movies, concerts, TV shows, etc.
  5. 6. a place where movies are shown on a big screen
  6. 7. a set or sequence of related television or radio programmes
  7. 9. sound recording on a narrow strip of a motion picture film
  8. 14. the series of events that form the main story
  9. 15. a film with lots of funny scenes