1. 2. Famous Indian Movie making industry
  2. 6. James Bond's favourite cocktail
  3. 9. Recent Disney film that focuses on Pacific Island folklore
  4. 11. Famous actress that starred in the "Sister Act" franchise
  5. 13. Mary Jane Watson's romantic superhero interest
  6. 14. First word that completes these movie titles: Supremacy, Ultimatum, Legacy
  7. 17. Movie that had a sequel released last year:stars a snowman, a reindeer and lots of songs.
  8. 18. Last name of famous director that directed E.T
  9. 19. Famous Robot that accompanies R2D2 in a lot of the original Star Wars Movies
  1. 1. Famous Explorer created by George Lucas
  2. 3. A notoriously difficult to follow Christopher Nolan film that stars Leonardo DiCaprio
  3. 4. Name of Korean movie that won the 2020 Best Picture Oscar
  4. 5. Last name of American comedian that starred in "Happy Gilmore"
  5. 7. Dorothy's Dog in The "Wizard Of Oz"
  6. 8. First name of actor that played Tyler Durden in "Fight Club"
  7. 10. Famous American Film Company that has a logo of a snowy mountain
  8. 12. Horror movie series famous for starring Jamie Lee Curtis
  9. 15. Last name of famous Actress that had the birth name "Norma Jeane Mortenson"
  10. 16. Name of the "Beauty" in Disney's "Beauty and the Beast"
  11. 17. First name of Princess central to the Shrek movie franchise