1. 3. Rose and Jack
  2. 4. a girl meets an interesting guy who turns out to be a vampire
  3. 6. “my precious”
  4. 8. She loves fur, clothes, and being evil
  5. 9. two sisters are separated because one of them has magic powers
  6. 10. a man who steals from the rich and gives to the poor
  7. 12. a country has a game each year where, usually, only one survives
  8. 17. Wakanda Forever
  9. 18. blue aliens have their home invaded by humans
  10. 19. A guy is bitten by a bug and gets superpowers
  1. 1. In a galaxy far, far away
  2. 2. He has a chocolate factory
  3. 5. a young prince runs away after his uncle killed his father Hakuna matata
  4. 7. teens get sucked in a game, and have to survive in the jungle
  5. 11. a young boy finds out he is a wizard
  6. 13. An old man and a kid fly with a house
  7. 14. Superheroes team up to save the world
  8. 15. King of the Monsters
  9. 16. An angry green guy decides to steal Christmas
  10. 20. an alien is stranded on earth and wants to phone home