1. 7. This is a movie that came in the 1940s about a puppet who wishes to be a real boy.
  2. 9. This movie is about a girl and a guy who are hunters that are trying to save a sea monster from other hunters.
  3. 12. A movie about 4 teenagers who got sucked into a survival game which takes place in a jungle and has to beat the game in order for them to return to their current world.
  4. 14. This show is about a boy moving into an apartment after his family dies and monsters start appearing in his apartment, trapping him and other people inside.
  5. 15. This 2022 show is about a man with a personality disorder and becomes a vigilante, featuring Ethan Hawke.
  6. 16. It’s about a man who has cancer and gets experimented on by a crazy scientist, who turns him immortal.
  7. 17. This movie is about someone who is trying to live on another planet and trying to fit in with the people there.
  8. 20. This is a disney movie about a girl who is mistreated by their family and lives on a happy life later on.
  1. 1. This movie was released in 2004 and it's about a girl that joins the public school after being homeschooled and she meets a group of 3 girls called ‘The Plastics'.
  2. 2. It’s a korean thriller movie about 2 people that are connected by a phone in the same home but living 20 years apart, where one of them is a serial killer.
  3. 3. This movie from 2009 is about an adopted child who is not who she says she is.
  4. 4. This movie is based on true story about the vocalist of the most popular and successful British band from the 70s until the 80s.
  5. 5. It's a ghibli movie about a fish.
  6. 6. This 2021 movie features Gal Gadot, Dwayne Johnson, and Ryan Reynolds.
  7. 8. A 2013 movie featuring Joaquin Phoenix about loneliness.
  8. 10. This movie is about a princess who turned her mom into a bear and regrets it.
  9. 11. A movie about a veteran hitman with the name of Ladybug who often has bad luck while carrying out his missions.
  10. 13. A 2022 horror/thriller movie about a therapist who witnessed a patient's death and is now going through increasingly disturbing and daunting experiences. It is known for an entity taking the form of smiling people.
  11. 18. This show is about a girl who was mistreated and joins the bad guys, and the boss of the bad guy became the father of the girl.
  12. 19. This movie is about a babysitter who has to babysit a haunted doll.