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  1. 4. a film that makes you laugh
  2. 6. a person that acts in a movie or theater
  3. 8. a device used for making movies
  4. 10. scary or violent movies that often have age restrictions
  5. 12. you need to buy this when you go to the movies
  6. 13. The American movie industry. Many famous actors live there.
  1. 1. another word for a movie
  2. 2. a small statue given to the best actor, actress, movie etc every year in the American Movie industry
  3. 3. a short for of science fiction
  4. 5. a story that is inspired by real life
  5. 7. Beauty and the .....
  6. 9. a person who directs a movie
  7. 11. a person that is very famous