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  1. 2. A dangerous piece of physical action in a film, usually done by special actor.
  2. 3. This movie really leaves much to be ______ .
  3. 5. A very small part in a film, played by a famous actor.
  4. 8. I think that the authors of this movie went a little _____ with potty humour.
  5. 10. All the actors engaged in a film.
  6. 11. People engaged temporarily to fill out a crowd scene in a film.
  7. 12. The absolutely ______ twist at the end of the movie ruined everything.
  8. 14. The first showing of a film.
  9. 15. We say that a movie _____ if it was a failure.
  1. 1. A category or a type of film.
  2. 2. Last name of the actor who did motion capture acting and voice work for Gollum.
  3. 4. Eternal Sunshine of the ______ Mind is a movie about a couple who decide to have each other erased from their memories.
  4. 6. The special effects were _____, but the acting was mediocre.
  5. 7. You say this about the movie which makes you feel good and warms your heart.
  6. 9. If the movie is rated as PG is means that it contains violence scenes and ______ guidance is suggested.
  7. 13. Although the ______ was intriguing, the plot was complex and hard to follow.
  8. 15. Someone who is a big movie enthusiast can be called a movie _____ .