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  1. 3. Exciting movie usally with explosions or gun fights E.g James Bond
  2. 4. Suspenseful, full of fear and excitement movie E.G Inception
  3. 5. A film following a superpowered person E.g Wonderwoman
  4. 7. A film about an event in history
  5. 10. A film using cartoons or drawings E.g Moana
  6. 13. A movie where a character is solving a problem or puzzle E.g Gone Girl
  7. 14. A movie following the police investigation E.g Baby Driver
  8. 15. A film for or about family/home E.g Despicable Me
  1. 1. A space themed movie E.g Star Wars
  2. 2. Movie about Love E.g The Notebook
  3. 6. Scary or Frightening Movie E.g IT
  4. 8. Movie about Magic or supernatural E.g The Hobbit
  5. 9. A Movie set in the American West E.g Django Unchained
  6. 11. A funny Movie E.g Shrek
  7. 12. Serious Movie E.g Dunkirk