1. 2. A Lion's father is killed and he has to grow up and become King.
  2. 3. When there no people about, the toys come alive!
  3. 4. A big ship hits an iceburg
  4. 5. Fast cars driven by two best friends and their crew
  5. 7. A swashbuckling adventure featuring Captain Sparrow
  6. 10. A superhero that can fly and is super strong
  7. 11. Two sisters grow up together but one can shoot ice from her hands
  8. 12. A boy wants to get revenge for his brother with the help of 'Baymax'
  9. 13. Mysterious men protect the Earth from aliens
  10. 14. A film with a boy raised by wolves sings the Bear Necessities
  11. 16. A superhero that shoots webs and can climb walls
  12. 18. A boy finds an alien and his bike flies in the sky. Has a UFO.
  13. 19. Wars Set in space and has Jedi with lightsabers
  1. 1. The world is run by monkeys.
  2. 6. A Chinese symbol that can do martial arts
  3. 8. A movie that has huge fighting robots that can change into cars
  4. 9. A young boy finds out he is a wizard and fights Voldemort
  5. 15. A giant monster from the sea that usually attacks Tokyo
  6. 17. A superhero that wears a metal suit