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Mr Bobby's Video Game Crossword

  1. 1. something for your console game that you never want to scratch!
  2. 3. the job title of a person who codes/builds video games, websites, or other software
  3. 7. character-based multiplayer game made by National Geographic.
  4. 9. acronym that stands for a "massive multiplayer online role-playing game"
  5. 11. name of a Japanese trading card/video game franchise, short for Pocket Monsters
  6. 12. the highest-grossing video game franchise ever (hint: it’s not Mario or Pokemon)
  7. 14. acronym for the type of video cord used to connect high-definition TV's to Blu-ray players, etc. (Hint: high-definition multimedia interface)
  8. 15. a three-dimensional (3D) game for building environments out of cubes.
  9. 17. three letter acronym for popular Rockstar Games video game.
  1. 2. the type of language that people who make video games need to know how to write
  2. 4. video game console manufactured by Sony
  3. 5. an unexpected error in the way something within a video game looks or functions
  4. 6. video game console manufactured by Microsoft
  5. 8. an aerial view game where blob-shaped organisms try to eat each other in order to grow larger
  6. 9. the type of game or app played on a phone or tablet; a word that means “able to move or be moved”
  7. 10. a computer game for practicing math, fighting battles, and earning items for your character
  8. 13. the name of the most recent console produced by Nintendo
  9. 16. a code or button command that allows players to instantly change the way the game normally behaves