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Mrs. Jeepers' Creepy Christmas

  1. 4. What kind of house does Mrs. Jeeper live in?
  2. 6. What did Mrs. Jeeper wear on her shirt?
  3. 7. What was all over Mrs. Jeeper's windows?
  4. 8. Where did the kids find a creepy librarian?
  5. 9. A teacher who the kids whink is a vampire.
  6. 13. Eddie used the storage closet as a __________________.
  7. 14. What was on Mrs. Jeeper's lip that looked like blood?
  8. 17. Eddie, Melody and Liza got into a lot of ________________.
  9. 19. Who is the girl who is really smart?
  10. 20. What kinds of books did the kids find in Mrs. Jeeper's basement?
  1. 1. What did Mrs. Jeeper tell everyone to read?
  2. 2. A girl who likes to read.
  3. 3. What creature did the kids think Mrs. Jeeper was?
  4. 5. What were the kids worried about at school?
  5. 10. What did Eddie care least about?
  6. 11. What girl is very annoying?
  7. 12. Which holiday is the book about?
  8. 15. A boy who doesn't like to read.
  9. 16. What did the kids hide behind when they saw Mrs. Jeeper?
  10. 18. What was the creepy thing the kids found in Mrs. Jeeper's basement?