1. 5. Harlie has 12 eggs and her chickens produced 3 times as many today, how many eggs does she have now?
  2. 8. Piper has 8 toys and she bought 2 times as many today how many toys does she have now?
  3. 9. Aiden has 4 cats and he rescued 3 times more this week, how many cats does he have now?
  4. 10. Rascal has 11 treats and his owner gave his 2 times as many treats today, how many treats does he have now?
  1. 1. Andrew has 6 candy bars he bought 3 times more at the store today, how many candy bars does he have now?
  2. 2. Keith painted 9 Christmas ornaments he needs to finish 6 times as many, how many ornaments does Keith need to complete?
  3. 3. Theresa made 10 cookies yesterday today she made 5 times more than yesterday, how many cookies does she have today?
  4. 4. Ashley has 3 waters and she bout 3 times more than what she had, how many waters does she have now?
  5. 6. Madelaine has 5 cards she made 2 times more than that, how many cards did she make?
  6. 7. Tanner made 7 burgers he needs to make 3 times more than that, how many burgers does Tanner need?