1. 1. an operation used to separate a number of items into equal size groups
  2. 2. an operation used to find the total number of items in a given number of equal size groups
  3. 5. the number that is divided by another number
  4. 6. the value you need to find to solve a problem
  5. 10. changing the order of the factors does not change the product
  6. 13. changing the grouping of three or more factors does not change the product
  7. 14. a series of numbers or shapes that follow a rule to repeat or change
  8. 16. the number by which another number is divided
  1. 1. when one of the factors of a product is written as a sum, multiplying each addend by the other factor before adding does not change the product
  2. 3. the result of multiplication
  3. 4. a number that is multiplied
  4. 7. a mathematical statement that uses an equal sign to show that two expressions have the same value
  5. 8. two numbers that are multiplied together to give a product.
  6. 9. the amount left over when one number does not divide another number a whole number of times
  7. 11. a procedure that is followed to go from one number or shape to the next in a pattern
  8. 12. the product of a given number and any other whole number.
  9. 15. the result of division