1. 3. the number to which another number is multiplied and whose value is observed to increase.
  2. 4. multiplying whole numbers involves breaking the numbers down into their place values and multiplying each place value separately.
  3. 5. a number which is multiplied by the multiplicand
  4. 7. A method of multiplying in which the value of each digit in a factor is multiplied separately, and then the partial products are added together
  5. 10. The product of a whole number and any other whole number
  1. 1. the result of multiplication
  2. 2. The place three to the left of the decimal point in a number.
  3. 6. The operation of repeated addition of the same number
  4. 8. The place two to the left of the decimal point in a number
  5. 9. represents the place value of the rightmost digit in any number