1. 3. Form to set up multiplication with two numbers with one or both having more than one digit
  2. 4. A keyword for estimation
  3. 7. A number being multiplied by the following number
  4. 8. The number on the bottom that you multiply with
  5. 10. Each digit below multiplied by each digit above produces a partial ________
  6. 12. A numeral between ) and 9 that is part of a number
  7. 13. Set up the problem to multiply the _____ number by the top number
  8. 14. Numbers without fractions or decimal points
  9. 16. Combine two or more numbers to find a product
  1. 1. The last thing you do after finding a multiplication answer
  2. 2. Operation where a number times another number gives you the number you are looking for
  3. 5. It is easier to multiply when you put the number with more digits on _____
  4. 6. Move an extra digit to add to the next column
  5. 9. The direction you take each digit in the multiplier to multiply each digit above
  6. 11. Multiplied by
  7. 15. Symbol for how much or how many