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  1. 6. Instrument is on the title of a popular song of Billy Joel.
  2. 9. Type of popular music in the 70's and 80's.
  3. 10. Album where you can listen the song "Wind of change".
  4. 11. This group do the song "Hsil to the king".
  5. 13. Singer of Queen.
  6. 16. This group do the song "Bed of roses".
  7. 17. Her first success is "Like a Virgin".
  8. 18. This person put his guitar in fire on stage.
  9. 19. He had play in the group "The Steeldrivers" before is solo carrer.
  10. 21. It's a instrument that you can product with your mouth.
  11. 23. This song is a popular song of Metallica.
  12. 24. "Les eaux qui dorment" is a song of this group.
  13. 25. It's the instrument in the solo in the song "les nains" of Crampe en masse.
  14. 26. The first guitar player of this group had Always a hat.
  15. 27. It's an album of "The King".
  1. 1. The song in the movie Back To The Futur.
  2. 2. The most popular Qu├ębec singer.
  3. 3. This album of music has the songs "money" and "Wish you were here".
  4. 4. Micheal Jackson is the face of this type of music.
  5. 5. It's one of the most difficult instrument to learn.
  6. 7. This singer do the song "Le Frigidaire".
  7. 8. A song of the singer Marshall Bruce Mathers III.
  8. 12. This instrument has the name of his shape.
  9. 14. The style of music of Ludwig Van Beethoven.
  10. 15. A member of the group Offenbach.
  11. 20. During one of her concert in Manchester, a bomb exploded.
  12. 22. By Toto.