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Music and Musicians

  1. 2. band responsible for "here comes the sun"
  2. 4. the beach boys sing "aruba, ____, oooo I wanna take ya!" the name of a country in the Caribbean
  3. 5. largest and lowest brass instrument
  4. 7. king of pop
  5. 9. the singing cowboy
  6. 11. the movie rocket man is based on his life
  7. 13. king of rock and roll
  1. 1. a famous song from a band in the 60's. Yellow ____
  2. 3. percussion instrument played with sticks
  3. 6. known as the queen of pop in the 1980s and also influenced women's fashion in the 80s
  4. 8. famous song "peggy sue", famous in the 50s
  5. 10. a band from the 60's that is now the name of a magazine
  6. 12. beethoven is known for writing and playing music on this instrument