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  1. 3. how high or low a note or other sound is:
  2. 4. a kind of popular music originally from Jamaica, with a strong regular beat
  3. 10. a pair of hollow balls with handles, filled with small objects
  4. 11. a large musical instrument that has a long row of black and white keys
  5. 13. a piece of music made up of several short parts
  6. 18. an electronic instrument that produces the sounds of various musical instruments
  7. 19. a short piece of music with words
  8. 21. a wooden musical instrument like a narrow tube, which you play by blowing air through a reed
  9. 23. someone who writes the words and usually the music of songs
  10. 24. a large musical instrument used especially in churches
  11. 26. a large musical instrument with strings that are stretched across a vertical frame
  12. 27. a small wooden musical instrument that you hold under your chin and play by pulling a bow
  13. 28. a piece of music, usually for piano or organ, that is played very quickly
  14. 29. a circular musical instrument consisting of a frame covered with skin or plastic and small pieces of metal
  15. 31. a piece of equipment that makes the sound of a musical instrument louder
  16. 34. a musical instrument which consists of metal or wooden bars of different lengths that you hit with a special stick
  17. 37. a type of loud music popular in the late 1970s and 1980s
  18. 38. a large metal drum with a round bottom
  19. 39. a musical instrument like a thin pipe
  20. 40. a piece of music that is written to express emotion, and does not have a regular form
  21. 41. a piece of music with three or four parts that is written for a piano, or for a piano and another instrument
  22. 43. a musical instrument like a large box that you hold in both hands
  23. 47. a type of popular modern music with a strong loud beat, played using guitars and drums
  24. 48. a fairly slow dance with a regular pattern of three beats
  25. 49. the main rhythm that a piece of music has
  26. 50. a series of sounds made by instruments or voices in a way that is pleasant or exciting
  27. 52. one of the songs or pieces of music on a record
  1. 1. the number of beats in each bar in a piece of music
  2. 2. the part of a song that is repeated after each verse
  3. 5. a musical instrument does not have its sound made louder electronically
  4. 6. traditional music that has been played by ordinary people in a particular area for a long time
  5. 7. a very low male singing voice
  6. 8. a person singing
  7. 9. a small musical instrument that you play by blowing or sucking and moving it from side to side near your mouth
  8. 11. musical notes played by pulling on the strings of an instrument
  9. 12. it makes a regular repeated sound like a clock, showing the speed at which music should be played
  10. 14. musical instruments made of wood or metal that you play by blowing
  11. 15. music that is not for voices
  12. 16. the speed at which music is played or should be played
  13. 17. a group of songs or tunes sung or played one after the other as a single piece of music
  14. 20. a number of musicians or singers who perform together
  15. 22. a musical instrument like a guitar, with a round body and four or more strings
  16. 23. the recorded music from a film
  17. 25. a type of popular music in which the words of a song are not sung, but spoken
  18. 30. a particular musical sound
  19. 31. all the musical notes that a particular singer or musical instrument can make
  20. 32. a large group of musicians playing many different kinds of instruments
  21. 33. the range of musical notes between the first note of a scale and the last one
  22. 35. a type of music in which several different tunes or notes are sung or played together at the same time
  23. 36. to perform a piece of music on a musical instrument
  24. 39. a style of music with a strong rhythm that is based on jazz and African music
  25. 41. a type of Latin American dance music
  26. 42. a type of music that has a strong beat and parts for performers to play alone
  27. 44. someone who directs musicians or singers playing or singing
  28. 45. a funny or romantic musical play in which some of the words are spoken and some are sung
  29. 46. a special set of movements performed to a particular type of music
  30. 51. a record or piece of music that is performed by a single musician
  31. 53. a scale of notes that begins with one particular note