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  1. 4. A stringed instrument that is a main instrument in classical Indian music.
  2. 5. A two-headed Samba drum.
  3. 9. A stringed instrument sometimes known as a bass sitar.
  4. 10. A popular contemporary Samba musician, first name Zeca.
  5. 11. A musical instrument made of tuned metal bars struck to make sound.
  6. 14. A lute used in classical Indian music, with four main strings.
  7. 17. A tuneable type of hand drum used in Samba.
  8. 18. The core melody of a Javanese gamelan piece.
  9. 20. A type of music from Brazil.
  10. 21. Part of Indonesia where gamelan originates.
  11. 23. A trapezium-shaped hammered dulcimer.
  1. 1. A gamelan instrument made up of a group of small gongs in a wooden frame.
  2. 2. The type of instrument that is struck or scraped.
  3. 3. An Indonesian island near Java where Gamelan is also played.
  4. 4. A low-pitched drum that plays the baseline in Samba.
  5. 6. A stringed classical Indian instrument played with a bow.
  6. 7. A tuned percussion instrument that can play two notes.
  7. 8. A famous sitar player,first name Ravi.
  8. 12. A small, round Brazilian drum.
  9. 13. A percussion instrument that takes the form of a flat, circular metal disc which is hit with a mallet.
  10. 15. An Indian barrel-shaped, two-headed drum.
  11. 16. A type of rattle used in Samba music.
  12. 19. The melody of a classical Indian piece of music.
  13. 22. The background music in classical Indian.