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My Merlin Awakening

  1. 1. Ryan's older brother(4 letters)
  2. 3. Vane is a guy that isn't afraid to_____ the rules.(5 letters)
  3. 6. Gia's bestfriend and Ryan's male friend from Avalon Prep(5 letters)
  4. 8. an artifact owned by posiden and the fisher king.(7 letters)
  5. 12. Merlin's older brother(4 letters)
  6. 13. the name of the sword one owned by King Arthur and now by Ryan(9 letters)
  7. 17. big tital waves that is a devastating natural desaster(8 letters)
  8. 18. Merlin's ability to see the future in a_______.(6 letters)
  9. 19. Ryan's best friend and Grey's ex girlfriend(3 letters)
  10. 20. the name Merlin would rather be called(4 letters)
  1. 2. vane's girlfriend and sword bearer(4 letters)
  2. 4. someone with no wizard or gargoyle abilities(7 letters)
  3. 5. the name of the mermaid king(5 letters)
  4. 7. the lost city that Ryan and everyone else goes to.(8 letters)
  5. 9. The name of the great and powerful wizard(6 letters)
  6. 10. Someone with the ability to turn into a beast form(8 letters)
  7. 11. a beast Ryan sees in a vision(8 letters)
  8. 14. a mystical creature that lives in water that is half fish and half human.(7 letters)
  9. 15. Ryan and vane are in____.(4 letters)
  10. 16. someone with magical powers(6 letters)