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  1. 6. Lives near everglades, represents the Tiger Clan, found Aaron and friends in the woods during the forest fire
  2. 8. Morgan's ex, involved with drugs, doesn't like Aaron
  3. 9. under cover (spy) trying to catch dealers in school
  4. 12. Were was the Halloween party Aaron was supposed to go to?
  5. 13. introduced Aaron to weed, Aaron's best friend in 9th grade
  6. 14. Skullys little brother
  7. 17. What did the cop find in Haylie's backpack in the beginning of the story?
  1. 1. AKA Skully,red head,brother has diabetes
  2. 2. What did Aaron have in his pocket when he first got stopped by the police?
  3. 3. Aaron's little sister
  4. 4. Aaron's nickname given by Skully
  5. 5. Aaron's world history teacher
  6. 7. Aaron's (crush), emo, popular
  7. 10. involved with many different drugs may be alpha dog
  8. 11. Jim's wife who took care of Aaron and his friends after the fire
  9. 15. Morgan's stepmom, gave her pills to lose weight
  10. 16. police officer who enforces the laws regarding illicit sale or use of drugs and narcotics