National Video Game Day (July 8th)

  1. 4. Playable entity or figure in a video game
  2. 6. Genre of video games featuring jumping and running on platforms
  3. 9. Secret code or technique to gain an advantage in a game
  4. 10. Device used to play video games
  5. 13. Role-playing game, a genre focused on character development and storytelling
  6. 17. Mode of gameplay involving multiple players
  7. 19. Points or achievements earned in a video game
  8. 20. Pertaining to a computer-generated simulation or environment
  9. 21. Completing a game as quickly as possible
  1. 1. Gaming system for playing video games
  2. 2. Downloadable content, additional game content available for purchase
  3. 3. Genre of video games focused on planning and tactics
  4. 5. Place with coin-operated video games
  5. 7. Term for classic or old-school video games
  6. 8. Massively multiplayer online, a type of game with many players interacting simultaneously
  7. 11. Section or stage of a video game
  8. 12. Genre of video games with exploration and storytelling
  9. 14. Tiny units that make up the graphics in a video game
  10. 15. First-person shooter, a genre of action games
  11. 16. Activity of playing video games
  12. 18. Subsequent installment of a video game series